What to do when your garbage disposal stops working?

When your garbage disposal stops working, usually it’s a workable problem and doesn’t necessarily require a full replacement. In this article, we provide a few ideas on problems that can arise and what do about them.

Power Problems with Turning on the Unit

A power problem where the garbage disposal is not turning on can be caused by a variety of issues.

  1. Certainly, the most obvious is check whether the power plug has worked its way out of the power outlet. It’s obvious, but it saves trying other things when you haven’t looked at the most obvious reason yet. Being under the sink, anyone moving things around down there can knock the plug right out of the socket and you’d never know!
  2. Check if it’s a dual power outlet and if the other power outlet is working or not. It could be a blown fuse or a malfunction on one socket but not the other. Check the fuse box too.
  3. Then look at the button or air switch being used. Is it a mechanical issue with the button where it’s being depressed but the equipment has failed to send a signal to the unit to turn on? Check the electronical connection (turn off the power first) to see if it’s loose on the button or the button needs replacing.
  4. If there’s a manual switch on the side of the disposal unit to turn it on, try that to test it’s operational. That will help highlight where the issue is.
  5. Also, consider if there’s insufficient power to turn on the disposal unit if too many other kitchen appliances are being run simultaneously.

Is There a Sound Emanating from the Unit?

If there’s a sound coming from the unit, it could have something stuck inside that’s cause the grinding plates to get stuck in position. Their back and forth motion is then causing this whirring sound.

First, turn off the power. And check that it’s really turning off.

Second, use something safe to attempt to remove what’s gotten caught inside.

Third, if it won’t dislodge, then there’s usually the option on the garbage unit to adjust it with a tool to get the grinding plates to release enough so you can remove the item that was previously trapped.

Resetting the Disposal Unit

Sometimes, a unit just gets confused about its life and what it should be doing! In which case, find its reset button and reset it. That often is all it takes to get it back to working order again.

When too much food has been fed into the unit, it can cause it to overload and stop. Then it’s a perfect example of why a reset is then necessary.

Nothing Else Found?

If there isn’t something stuck inside when examining it and the unit won’t power up whatever you try, then if the unit is inside the warranty, get it checked out. Other than that, it’s up to you whether to look to get it fixed or choose to upgrade to a newer model anyway.








Best Garbage Disposal Air Switches Reviews 2019

Using a garbage disposal isn’t for the timid. When washing up, you’re dealing with food particles, water and soapy suds all around. To activate the garbage disposal unit, it’s necessary to reach and touch an electrically connected button. Just like with the safely issues of a light switch in a bathroom, there’s the risk of wet hands connecting to electrical circuits. It’s altogether risky for your safety and not just a little bit concerning! Previously, this was unavoidable. The electrical connection had to be made between the hardwired switch, the electrical cabling and the power unit below. Doing it any other way wasn’t possible and when it became possible, was just plain unaffordable. However, now that’s all changed with the advent of affordable air switches that forego the electrical wired connection altogether.

Now it’s possible to place an air switch atop of countertop and connect it through to the underside. Any reasonably sized round hole in the countertop is likely to be suitable for installation. When activated, the switch sends a volume of air downwards through a tube to the power supply designed to receive the air and treat that as the trigger to either turn on (or off) the garbage disposal unit.

Now that it’s been made a little clearer what exactly is an air switch, we can now procced with details about the various features of an air switch. This way, you can better understand what ones actually matter, how to look at them and what model is the right one for your kitchen.

Comparison Chart Of Best Garbage Disposal Switches


Features of Air Switches

There are different features of air switches that it’s useful to be aware of before deciding which one to purchase. This avoids making a buying mistake, having to return the item, and then choose again. So, we hope this is useful for you.


Given that an installed garbage disposal is likely to be used one or more times every day, the switch itself gets a decent amount of use throughout the year. With physical buttons and wiring, they can wear down with the connections eventually becoming unreliable. Sensors can also stop sensing when a contact has been made. Therefore, physical buttons tend to wear out more quickly.

By comparison, an air switch has a simple button that gets depressed which then sends a puff of compressed air down the hose to be received by the power unit. The process doesn’t require a series of moving parts all the way along the process that can potentially wear out.


It goes without saying that electrical switches when combined with sometimes wet or soapy hands from doing the washing up or simply washing vegetables, is a danger factor. It’s all too easy for a drop of water to get released from the hand, have it drip onto an electrically connected garbage disposal hardwired switch and hey presto! Moisture has entered the system with all the risks that entails.

With an air switch – any model that we’ve careful reviewed below – this is ruled out. This is because there’s no actual electricity or electrical wire connection to the button that you depress on the countertop or sink area. It’s not connected at all.

The compressed air that gets sent down through a tube does the work for you and this is unaffected by moisture. So, there’s nothing to make it unsafe for your kids or yourself to activate the garbage disposal (and young ones can get a sense of pride from doing so, get curious how things work and may become grown up engineers later in life).

Length of the Hose

The passageway that the compressed air travels down through is the air hose. It creates the physical link between the button at the top and the device that once activated, turns on the garbage disposal unit.

The hose will sometimes use different materials and thicknesses. This has a bearing on longevity. It is usually positioned under the sink, so must be long enough to reach down. Similarly, the device to activate the disposal is likely to be lower to the ground and nearer both the power outlet and the garbage unit itself. Therefore, the longer the hose, the better. Also, the more durable the hose, the better too.

Button/Switch Design

Some models come with a single button color and appearance. Other manufacturers provide many different colors and finishes to their air switches which helps the button better match the existing kitchen décor or countertop/sink fittings.

Single or Dual Outlets

The power units have either a single or a dual outlet. A single outlet only powers one garbage disposal unit. For a dual outlet, one outlet will power the garbage disposal whereas the second one may trigger another installed kitchen system too. With some dual systems, they can run both kitchen equipment simultaneously whereas with others, it’s necessary to choose and turn one or other on/off under the sink first.

Here are our top 4 garbage disposal air switches.


Essential Values Garbage Disposal Air Switch

DUAL OUTLET Sink Top/Counter Top Waste Disposal On/Off Switch 

The Essential Values air switch for Waste King and Insinkerator waste disposal units is the solution to having to use electrically connected disposal switches. This version uses an attractive mix of Satin with Brushed Nickel to give a classy look with the button along with its distinctive chrome sheen (there’s a choice of 3 different finishes to match with your décor). The hose is made of tough vinyl which is six feet in length; good enough for almost any placement of the switch compared to the location of the rest of the unit below.

There’s a dual outlet aspect to this affordable product. Because of this, a second air switch can be added as well. The way the power is setup, it’s only possible to have one or another outlet powered up at one time. This avoids trying to run two systems off the one unit and burning it out.

Cleesink Garbage Disposal Air Switch Kit

The Cleesink air switch provides support for your garbage disposal using its air switch activator. The appearance of the Cleesink is a pleasing brushed stainless steel. This model isn’t as fancy or feature package as the Essential Values one before it, but this is why it provides value for money for people on a budget.

The hose is closer to five feet than six feet. That shouldn’t be a problem, but you can measure under the sink with a tape measure if you’re worried. We wouldn’t be. There’s a short and long version which refers to the button length when depressing it. It also surprisingly that it has two connections to hook up two different kitchen systems to allow them to be turned on/off. Also, depending on which version you select, there’s a selection of different colors and finishes beyond the initial brushed stainless steel one.

When owning a kitchen with a very specific finish, then this product is interesting because it’s probably possible to more closely match the right button color to the countertop finish. The power cable for the device is three feet long too.

InSinkErator STS-00 Dual Outlet Sink Top Switch

The InSinkErator STS-00 comes with two outlets to connect two different kitchen systems like a hot water heater or a garbage disposal. Obviously, the brand reputation as the biggest brand in the garbage disposals’ market speaks for itself.

The power module permits you to hook up two different systems; disposals or otherwise. The chrome and white coloration of the bottom is distinctive. There’s an air line that’s six feet in length and durable too. The power cable from the power unit is 2.5 feet long to install the unit on the wall and still reach to the power outlet.

The quality is certainly there with the InsinkErator switch. You know you’re buying something that’ll last. However, the price reflects what you’re getting. After all, this company invented disposal products in 1927. There’s also no worries about compatibility if you already own an InsinkErator disposal unit as they’re designed for them (but work with other disposals too).

Single Outlet Garbage Disposal Turn On/Off Sink Top Air Switch Kit

Northstar Décor provide this single outlet air switch for garbage disposals. It comes with a reliable power module that doesn’t risk overload from multiple outlets. There’s a six feet air hose which provides with the ability to connect to the air switch above the countertop.

You can choose from up to four different air switches designed to suit various appearances and shapes of holes through a countertop. These include scalloped, square, round and raised. The raised one is a raised button to depress as opposed to one that’s flush and gets depressed below its outer ring. There’s also up to 24 different color finishes to get an even better match the countertop surrounding where the air switch will be fitted.

There is good information provided by Northstar Décor on this product. It has by far the best series of options available for color selection, air switch design and so forth. It makes for a good alternative to other well-known brands.


A garbage disposal air switch is more expensive than a push button type, but it’s far safer for anyone to use. For people at all concerned about electricity and personal safety, it makes absolute sense to replace the button that came with their garbage disposal and install an air switch using a kit. It’s something that doesn’t really require a plumber to do either, in most cases. Just follow the right process, get some light under the sink so you can see what you’re doing and turn off the electrical power before you start.

What Size Garbage Disposal Do We Need?

When it comes time to install a garbage disposal or replace an old one, the most important thing to consider is the size of the disposal you’ll need. Buy one that’s too large, and it may not fit into the space under your sink. Buy one too small, and you’ll likely need to run it beyond its intended capacity to keep up with the demands of your busy household. But how do you decide which size garbage disposal is right for you? Below we’ll provide you with some common sense tips to ensure you get the garbage disposal you need.

Measure the Space

Before you waste your time looking at disposals that may or may not be right for you and your kitchen, you need to figure out how much space you have to dedicate to a disposal. So, take out the measuring tape and find out exactly how much space there is under your sink. As a general rule, the more powerful the disposal, the larger it’s going to be. So make sure you get accurate measurements of width, depth and height, and make a note of the size and location of any potential obstacles.

Determine the Number of People it Will Need to Serve

Now that you know how much space you have to deal with the next thing to do is ask yourself how many people it will need to serve. Do you have a large family that eats together most of the time? Or is there just one or two of you? Do you eat out a lot? Do you entertain large crowds for backyard BBQs and holiday parties? You don’t want to install a disposal that’s going to burn out from overuse.

Choose the Appropriate HP

  • If there are only a couple of people in the house, a 1/3 HP disposal should suffice.
  • If there are 3 – 6 people in the house you’ll want something in the 1/2 to 3/4 HP range.
  • If there are more than 6 people and/or you often entertain large groups a 1 HP disposal is what you should be looking for.
  • If the number of people you cook for is regularly more than 8 or 10, then consider a 1 or 2 HP disposal.

Keep in mind that different manufacturers offer different designs. So if you need a 1 HP disposal and the first one you look at is too big for the space under your sink, keep looking. You might well find a smaller one.


The process of determining the right garbage disposal for you and your home goes like this:

  • Determine the amount of available space.
  • Determine how many people the unit will need to serve.
  • Keep looking until you find a garbage disposal with the appropriate horsepower that will also fit into the available space.

Due to spatial constraints, you may need to compromise a bit on the horsepower. But if that’s the case, just make sure you get the closest HP to what you need.

Things to Do with a Leaking Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is one of those things that make the modern kitchen such a wonder of convenience. But as is the case with all mechanical devices there’s the possibility you might encounter a problem from time to time. One of the more common and vexing problems that can befall a garbage disposal is leaking. A leaking disposal is not like a leaking pipe. The liquid that comes from the disposal is full of organic material and can wind up producing a very foul smell if you don’t take care of it quickly. Below we’ll look at common reasons why a disposal might be leaking and propose a few simple fixes.

fix leaking garbage disposal

Reasons Your Garbage Disposal is Leaking

  • A loose sink flange – The sink flange is that part of the disposal assembly that is visible when you look in the sink. It’s typically made of stainless steel, is about 1/2 an inch wide and circles the drain opening. Over time this flange can become loose. Or the putty around it can degrade and develop leaks. To fix this, detach the disposal (after unplugging it of course), remove the flange, install new putty and reinstall the flange and disposal. A good afternoon job for a DIYer.
  • Loose drain lines – Drain lines are what connect your disposal to the rest of the plumbing. Sometimes they come loose and start leaking. If the disposal is leaking under the sink from its sides, this might be the problem. Try tightening all the screws related to the drain lines and see if that stops the leaks.
  • A broken seal – If the disposal is leaking from the bottom, it’s most likely because of a broken seal. If you have a broken seal on your disposal, you essentially have three choices. You can take the disposal apart yourself and install a replacement seal, you can pay a plumber or someone else to do the same, or you can replace the disposal. If you are unable to make the repair yourself, the smartest financial choice may be to simply replace the disposal.
  • Wear and tear – Even garbage disposals, as hale and hearty as they are, get old and start breaking down. If you notice the disposal is leaking from around the reset button it’s an indication of some pretty serious internal issues. In this case, the smartest option is to replace the disposal. Simply because it will likely cost you more to fix it than it will to buy a new one.

Is There a Way to Prevent Garbage Disposal Leaks?

There’s not much you can do if the unit is old. But if you have recently installed a new disposal, there are a few common sense things you can do to ensure it has the longest, healthiest, most trouble-free life possible. Make sure you:

  • Always avoid putting any foreign objects in the disposal.
  • Have cold water running when you are grinding up food in the disposal.
  • Avoid pouring bleach into the disposal for any reason.
  • Avoid putting eggs shells, coffee grounds, rice or gristle into the disposal.
  • Do periodic inspections to look for leaks and fix any you find ASAP.

How to Fix a Garbage Disposal That Is Humming

If you don’t have rancid odors wafting in through the kitchen window from the trash cans during the summer, thank the garbage disposal. A lack of foul odors emanating from garbage is one of the things that separates the contemporary kitchen from the kitchen of just 50 years ago. That said, the disposal is one of those things no one pays much attention to until there’s a problem. And one of the most common problems with disposals is when you flip the switch, and all you get is a low-level hum. No grinding. No whirling sound from the blades. Just humming. Below we’ll look at why this happens and provide a few easy ways to fix it.

Reasons Your Garbage Disposal is Humming

That humming sound coming from the disposal is an indication that it’s getting power, but something is interfering with its normal operation. Common types of interference include:

  • A foreign object in the disposal – It’s not at all uncommon for a piece of silverware to slip unnoticed into the disposal and jam the blades. Other objects that could cause a jam include bottle caps, gristle and large bones. Metal objects will typically make a lot of noise to alert you to their presence. But tough food objects may not make any noise.
  • The disposal has overheated – In some cases if you’ve been running the disposal particularly hard – say after Thanksgiving dinner – it may overheat and shut down. This isn’t very common, but it has been known to happen.
  • The GFCI has tripped – The GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is a device on the electrical outlet designed to protect people from electric shocks. If it detects an imbalance between the input and output current on an outlet, it “trips” and shuts the outlet down.
  • The disposal has died – This is only going to happen once in the life cycle of your disposal. So if the unit is only a couple of years old, this is very unlikely. However, if you try all of the fixes we’re about to propose, and nothing works, this may be the only logical conclusion.

Now that we have a better idea of what might be causing the malfunction in the garbage disposal, let’s look at some easy to apply fixes.

garbage disposal humming

Applying the Fix

The following are a half dozen steps to fixing a garbage disposal that humming instead of working. We’ll start with the 3 easiest solutions first. If none of them work, it may indicate that you have a physical blockage in the disposal. In which case you’ll need to go through steps 4 – 6.

Note: Make sure the disposal is switched off before you apply any of these fixes.

  • Step 1: Hit the reset button – Every modern garbage disposal comes with a reset button. This is a red button typically located on the bottom of the disposal. Once you locate it simply press it. That will reset the circuit in the disposal. After pressing the reset button, flip the switch and see if the disposal works. If it does, you’re finished. If it doesn’t flip the switch off and move on to the next step.
  • Step 2: Unplug/replug the disposal – If the reset button didn’t do the trick then try simply unplugging the disposal, waiting a few seconds and then plugging it back in. After that flip the switch to turn it on. If it works, you’re all set. If it doesn’t switch it off and try the next step.
  • Step 3: Check the GFCI outlet – Check the outlet the disposal is plugged into. If it has a red GFCI button in the middle (not all outlets do) and that button is popped out instead of being flush, it’s time to reset it. To do so unplug the disposal. Then press the red GFCI button in until it clicks into place. Then plug the disposal back in and flip the switch. If it works, you’re finished. If not, move on to the next step.
  • Step 4: Unplug the disposal – Don’t just switch it off. Switch it off and unplug it physically from the outlet so there’s no chance it will accidentally come on.
  • Step 5: Inspect the inside of the disposal – Once it’s unplugged, take a flashlight and look down into the canister. Do you see something that doesn’t belong there? Maybe a spoon or a piece of gristle or some other tough food that’s jammed into the blades?
  • Step 6: Remove the blockage – If you see something in the disposal, take a pair of tongs and remove it. If it’s particularly stubborn, avoid the temptation to reach in with your hand. Instead, go under the disposal and turn the blades manually. Most every disposal has a way to turn the blades using a hex wrench. That slot is located on the bottom of the disposal. Turn the blades in both directions until you loosen the obstruction. Then go back up top and remove it using the tongs. Once the obstruction is removed, plug the disposal back in and switch it on.

In the unlikely event that none of the above fixes bring the disposal back on line, you may have no choice but to call the plumber. It is possible that the disposal has died on you. Even if it is relatively new. If it’s still under warranty, then you can probably get a new one. But there may be something else interfering with the operation of the disposal. So before you send it back to the manufacturer have a plumber in to inspect things.


In most cases, a humming garbage disposal does not indicate anything is seriously wrong. It’s usually just a jam, or perhaps the GFCI outlet detected something it didn’t like and cut off power. If your disposal greets you with a hum next time you try to use it, go through the steps outlined above, and you should be back in business in no time. And if nothing works, call the plumber before giving up on the disposal.


Moen Garbage Disposals Reviews

Moen has been around for more than 80 years. The company was started by Al Moen, a former mechanical engineering student at the University of Washington. After burning his hands on a two-handle faucet one day in 1937, he came up with a design for a one-handle faucet which he and many others considered far safer. Though Al Moen is long gone, the company he founded still makes some of the most acclaimed faucets in the industry.

Over the years, Moen branched out to address other aspects of the kitchen environment, including the design and manufacture of garbage disposals. Moen disposals are highly regarded for their leading-edge design, ease of installation, low maintenance, power, and energy efficiency. They are also affordably priced, reliable and some might say, even attractive. When you purchase a Moen garbage disposal, you can be reasonably sure it’s going to provide years of trouble-free service. And, if something should go wrong, you can also be sure the company will stand by their warranties, which are some of the best in the business. Moen produces a wide variety of garbage disposals for residential and commercial use. Too many in fact to cover them all here. What we’re going to do instead is review 3 of their best known and most popular models.

1: Moen GXS75C GX Series 3/4 Horsepower Garbage Disposal


  • 3/4 HP 2,700 rpm.
  • Rugged stainless steel grind compartment.
  • Universal X press mount system.
  • Sound Shield noise dampening.
  • Integrated power cord.
  • Weight 10.25 pounds.
  • 6 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The BSX75C GX is a continuous feed disposal that features a permanent magnet vortex motor that won’t shy away from the toughest food waste. It’s built to exacting specifications and incorporates the company’s Sound Shield technology which makes it one of the quietest mid-size disposals on the market today. With the Universal X press Mount system, it’s also one of the easiest to install and should be well within the capabilities of any DIYer.

moen garbage disposal reviews

Unlike some garbage disposals (too many really) the 75C GX series comes with an integrated power cord. And at only 10 pounds it’s going to be compatible with most sinks. The 75C GX also has a nice, streamlined profile that allows it to fit into tight spaces under the sink where other 3/4 HP disposals simply wouldn’t be able to fit. While it’s not the most powerful garbage disposal on the market, it should be perfect for couples or small families. And the 6 year limited manufacturer’s warranty means you can rest easy knowing that in the extremely unlikely event something goes wrong, you’re covered.

2: Moen GXP50C GX PRO Series 1/2 hp Garbage Disposal


  • 1/2 HP, 2,600 rpm.
  • Continuous feed design.
  • Corrosion resistant grind compartment.
  • Permanent magnet Vortex motor.
  • Sound Shield noise dampening.
  • Universal X press 3-bolt mounting.
  • Ultra-slim profile.
  • Weight 8.5 pounds.

The GPX50X GX Pro 1/2 HP garbage disposal is perfect for small households – or moderately sized households with little space beneath the sink. This is one of the sleekest garbage disposals you’ll find, and yet it provides outstanding power and reliability. The 50X GX Pro can be installed by any reasonably competent do-it-yourself-er in less than an hour thanks to the ultra-simple Universal X press Mount system.

moen garbage disposal

The 1/2 HP 2,600 rpm Vortex permanent magnet motor resists jamming and is very smooth and quiet. And yet it’s tough enough to handle anything that should be in a garbage disposal. It has the integrated power cord we love to see. Along with a corrosion-resistant galvanized steel canister/grind box. The installation kit has everything you need to set it up. Including sink flange, drain elbow, mounting assembly and drain stopper. There’s also a 3 year limited warranty to help you sleep a little easier.

3: Moen GX50C GX Series 1/2 Horsepower Garbage Disposal


  • 1/2 HP 2,600 rpm.
  • Continuous feed disposal.
  • Permanent magnet jam-resistant motor.
  • Stainless steel grind compartment.
  • Universal 3-bolt mounting.
  • Pre-installed power cord.
  • Safe for most septic tanks.
  • Weight 9.25 pounds.

The GX50C 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal features a large canister, stainless steel grind compartment and Sound Shield noise dampening. That alone is plenty of reason to consider it for your small to mid-sized household. But it’s got more than that going on. It also shares many of the best features with the other disposals on this list, including the Universal Express Mount system, the pre-installed power cord and the permanent magnet Vortex motor that scoffs at tough food byproducts.

It comes with everything you need to install it in about an hour, and it’s safe to use with most septic tanks. If you’re looking for a rugged, quiet, low-maintenance disposal that’s built to last and quiet as can be you can’t go wrong with the GX50C 1/2 HP.


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General Electric Garbage Disposals

General Electric, or just GE, is one of the largest corporations in the world and has been for more than a century. They make everything from LED lights to aircraft engines to oil drilling equipment and more. They also make appliances, including garbage disposals. General Electric garbage disposals have long been held in the same type of esteem as the company’s ranges, refrigerators, and other kitchen tech. And it’s easy to see why. They’re well-engineered, durable, efficient and reliable. And they’re often less expensive than the competition. While GE has not been at the leading edge of innovation in the garbage disposal industry, they have been quick to assimilate innovations introduced by others. And by letting others invest in the R&D, they’ve saved themselves a lot of money and can pass those savings on to you. It’s the kind of forward-thinking GE has long been famous for. And the result is high-quality appliances, reflecting all the latest technological advances, that any homeowner can afford.

While GE recently sold its appliance division to Haier the head of GE Appliances has stated that nothing at the company has or will change. Including the fact that their disposals are made in the US. Let’s take a look at 3 of GE’s most popular garbage disposals.

1) General Electric GFC520V Continuous Feed Disposal


  • 1/2 HP 2,800 rpm.
  • Stainless steel dual swivel impellers.
  • Integrated power connector.
  • Continuous feed operation.
  • Galvanized steel canister.
  • Dishwasher drain connector.
  • GE EZ mount installation.
  • Overload protector.

The beauty of the GFC520V Continuous Feed garbage disposal is its combination of power and compact size. Slim enough to fit into the tightest cabinets it nonetheless pumps out 2,800 rpm. The dual-level pre-cutter combined with its stainless steel impellers make quick work of most food byproducts. And the unit is remarkably quiet for one that works so fast and effectively.

ge garbage disposal

This is a continuous feed disposal, so there’s no need to wait until you have a full canister to activate it. Just turn on the cold water, flip the switch and feed it as you clean plates, pots and pans. Setting it up is nearly as easy with the company’s EZ mount installation system. Just align the disposal to the mounting ring and twist into place. Tighten a few screws, and you’re done. Comes with wall switch, comprehensive instructions, all the hardware you need and a 1-year warranty.

2) GE GFC535V 1/2 Horsepower Deluxe Continuous Feed Disposal


  • 1/2 HP 2,800 rpm.
  • Extra-large capacity canister.
  • Line cord connection.
  • Continuous feed operation.
  • Sound reduction.
  • EZ mount twist-on installation.
  • 2 level pre-cutter.
  • Jam resistant stainless steel impellers.

The GFC535V 1/2 HP Deluxe disposal is the big brother of the GFC520V. The two share similar features, but the 535V provides a much larger canister capacity. In that sense, it’s a better choice for small to mid-sized households that occasionally entertain large groups. The 535V features a 1/2 horsepower 2,800 rpm motor with dual pre-cutters. This powerful combination reduces food waste to tiny particles in seconds. And because of the company’s proprietary sound abatement system, it does so quietly.

GE-GFCS535V garbage disposa

The 535V comes complete with everything you need including wall switch, dishwasher drain connector, splash guard, stainless steel flange for the sink and more. And it can be installed by any do-it-yourself er in about half an hour start to finish. Installation of the disposal unit itself typically takes less than a minute. Just twist it into place on the mounting ring and tighten the connectors. This is a durable, well-built disposal with lots of torque that’s easy on the wallet and will serve you well whether you’re eating alone or entertaining family and friends.

3) General Electric GFC720V Continuous Feed Disposal


  • 3/4 HP 3,100 rpm.
  • Super capacity canister.
  • Continuous feed operation.
  • Dual-swivel impellers.
  • Integrated overload protector.
  • Lightning-quick installation.
  • Noise reduction technology.
  • Stainless steel turntable.
  • 4 year parts warranty.


If you have a large household or you’re fond of entertaining large groups of friends and family, you need a disposal that’s up to the task. The 3/4 HP General Electric GFC720V should be more than adequate. It features continuous-feed operation, tough stainless steel impellers, an extra-large canister and tons of torque. It’s also compatible with any suitably large septic system.


As is the case with the other GE disposals on this list, the 720V is extremely easy to install. It twists quickly into place on the mounting ring, so you don’t have to worry about the 12-pound weight wearing you out. Just be aware that it does not come with its own power cord. So you’ll have to pick one up and connect it yourself. Comes with everything else you need, however, and it won’t break your bank.

How to Install a General Electric Garbage Disposal

General Electric garbage disposals share the same EZ mount installation that has become more or less industry standard these days. All companies now do some variation on this twist on/twist off design. And we’re all better off for it. Just for the record: we would strongly advise you install the wiring prior to installing the disposal. It will just make everything easier. That said, installation goes as follows:

  • Put the gasket into place in the sink opening.
  • Push the flange assembly through the opening.
  • Screw the backup flange onto the threads on the underside and secure the flange in place.
  • Install the rubber gasket and mounting ring onto the flange assembly.
  • Attach any drain lines to the disposal unit.
  • Take the disposal unit and twist it onto the mounting ring.
  • Using a screwdriver twist the disposal until it is snugly attached to the mounting ring.
  • Connect the power cord.

Some folks will attach the drain lines after they have the disposal in place. Whether you do so will depend on the vagaries of your sink setup. Most importantly, make certain the disposal is fully engaged with the mounting ring.

Parts of General Electric Garbage Disposals

Like most garbage disposals General Electric disposals have 4 main components.

  • The stopper – The stopper is what prevents – or “stops” – unwanted items from getting into the disposal when it’s not in use. Without the stopper silverware, bones, bottle caps, shot glasses and more could easily wind up in the disposal canister and cause big problems when you turn the unit on. With batch feed disposals the stopper is used to activate the device. Continuous feed disposals, however, use a wall switch.
  • The hopper – Sometimes called the cutting chamber the hopper is the upper part of the disposal unit. The hopper is designed in such a way that it pushes food down toward the shredder and impellers which reduce it to tiny particles.
  • The drain chamber – Once the food has been pulverized into tiny pieces it escapes around the edge of the cutting wheel and is flushed down into the drain chamber. From there it goes into the plumbing and is carried out of the house with the wastewater.
  • The motor – The motor is contained in a waterproof housing at the bottom of the disposal unit. The motor is what makes the disposal heavy. Typically the more powerful the motor, the heavier the disposal unit.

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Best Waste King Garbage Disposal Reviews 2019

There are two giants in the garbage disposal industry. One is InSinkErator and the other is Waste King. While InSinkErator was the company that started it all way back before World War II, Waste King is no spring chicken. They’ve been making garbage disposals for nearly half a century themselves. In that time they’ve learned a thing or two about quality and they’ve put that knowledge to work in their L-2600 Legend Series 1/2 HP continuous feed disposal. Below we’re going to take a close look at what makes this disposal tick. Starting with the things it does right and a few things we think it could do better.

waste king 2600


  • The 1/2 HP Vortex Motor – The L-2600 is so named because its Vortex motor cranks out an impressive 2,600 rpms. This motor is engineered using the permanent magnet model that enables it to produce enormous torque. That feverish amount of torque means it’s not going to be deterred from reducing the toughest food waste to dust and slurry in seconds.
  • The Lack of Noise – Anyone familiar with garbage disposals knows they are capable of taking over the kitchen while they’re in operation. You flip the switch and conversations cease until the disposal is finished. Not the L-2600. Its grind chamber is fashioned from glass nylon material that actually absorbs sounds rather than just bouncing them around like a steel chamber will do.
  • The Efficiency of the Grind – As we mentioned the L-2600 produces tremendous torque. This enables it to pulverize pretty much anything in its path quickly and effectively. Whereas some other garbage disposals rely on a multi-stage grind system to gradually reduce tough material to a manageable level the L-2600 doesn’t need that. As such it’s faster and more efficient.
  • The Ease of Installation – While installation of the L-2600 isn’t quite as simple as it is for some of the InSinkErator models it’s not much harder either. Essentially if you could install an InSinkErator you can install the L-2600. It uses the same basic “twist on” locking mechanism of the InSinkErator. And that’s great. If you’re going to copy someone after all, copy the best.
  • Reliability – The L-2600 is made from durable, corrosion-resistant materials with a stainless steel grind mechanism that’s built for the long haul. The disposal also provides a 5 year limited warranty.


  • Energy Consumption – While the L-2600 does an efficient job pulverizing most food waste that effectiveness comes at a price. The motor, being as powerful and determined as it is, it uses more electricity than many other mid-sized garbage disposals. Not so much that it’s going to send you to the poor house. But enough of a difference to be noticeable.
  • Jamming – While the unit has swivel impellers designed to minimize the chances of a jam they don’t seem to work as well as they do on some other garbage disposals. This is not a deal breaker but it’s something we’d like to see them improve on.

Best Features and Uses of the Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal

The Waste King is a highly affordable best garbage disposal. So you might think that means the feature set will be wanting a bit. Well, you’d be wrong. The L-2600 features include:


  • Compact Design – Waste King understands that not everyone has tons of space under their sink. So they typically produce disposals that take up just as much space as needed and no more. That’s the case here too. The L-2600 is a svelte 6.8 inches in diameter and only 13.5 inches tall.
  • Continuous Feed – Like most garbage disposals today the L-2600 is a continuous feed disposal. That means you can add food waste to it while it’s running. You won’t have to keep turning it on and off like you would with a batch feed disposal.
  • Stainless Steel Grind Mechanism – The grinding mechanism on the L-2600 is tough as nails. It’s fashioned from high grade stainless steel which means it’s no match for even the toughest waste. Being top grade stainless the teeth aren’t going to succumb to corrosion either.
  • Lightweight Construction – Many home garbage disposals can tip the scale at 14 or 15 pounds or more. The L-2600 by comparison weighs a very agreeable 7.8 pounds. The incredible lightweight construction aids in making it one of the easier disposals to install.
  • Integrated Power Cord – Some garbage disposal manufacturers who will remain nameless refuse to supply power cords for their units. Waste King however, does the right thing and provides their L-2600 with an integrated, heavy duty 36 inch power cord. Thank you Waste King.
  • Powerful Vortex Motor – As we mentioned above the L-2600 get its name from its rugged, high torque, 2600 rpm, 1/2 HP, permanent magnet motor. The permanent magnet configuration compels the motor to continue pushing forward even when it encounters resistance that might cause other motors to grind (so to speak) to a halt.
  • Quiet Operation – The glass nylon grinding canister, the precision cut stainless steel grind mechanism and permanently lubricated bearings all work to create a disposal that’s remarkably quiet. This is particularly impressive when you consider how tough and determined the motor is.
  • 5 year Warranty – If anything goes wrong with the unit within 5 years of the date of purchase the company will replace it for you at no cost. The L-2600 has a secondary lifetime warranty against corrosion made possible by the glass nylon construction of the grind canister.
  • Extras – The L-2600 also offers a front mounted reset button and a removable splash guard that keeps food debris in the disposal where it belongs during use.


The L-2600 from Waste King is a great value that provides the average homeowner with all the power and durability they’re ever likely to need in a garbage disposal. It’s also quiet, very easy to install and comes with a limited 5 year warranty. You can pay 3 times as much for a disposal. The only question is, why would you when you can get the L-2600 and its rich feature set for so much less?

Waste King Legend Series L-3200 Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King has been making garbage disposals for some 50 years. They’re one of the giants of the industry. Below we’re going to put their L-3200 disposal under the microscope to find out if it’s everything the marketing makes it out to be. We’ll start with some pros and cons.

waste king L-2600 garbage disposal



  • The Powerful Motor – At 3/4 HP this is one of the more powerful motors you’ll find on a continuous feed garbage disposal. It’s a no-nonsense permanent magnet motor endowed with a ton of torque. As a result you won’t hear it whining as it tries to tackle gristle or small bones.
  • It’s Pretty Quiet – With such a powerful take-no-prisoners motor you might assume the L-3200 is pretty loud. But you’d be surprised. The unit is lined top to bottom with sound absorbing insulation making it one of the quieter garbage disposals on the market.
  • Stainless Steel Grind Components – Part of the reason the permanent magnet motor is able to make such short work of tough food waste is because the grind components are fashioned from high-grade stainless steel. This ensures they’re always the hardest thing in the disposal and also prevents the type of corrosion that destroys lesser disposals.
  • The Integrated Power Cord – For some reason we can’t figure out some garbage disposals do not include power cords. To us, this is like selling a circular saw without a power cord. It’s essential equipment. Fortunately, Waste King doesn’t play power games and the L-3200 comes with an integrated 36 inch power cord.
  • The EZ Mounting System – There are a lot of garbage disposals on the market. Many claim to be easy to install. The good news here is that the L-3200 actually is. It’s not a case of removing it from the box, snapping onto the underside of your sink and plugging it in. But on a good day it’s reasonably close. (More on this below)
  • 8 year Warranty – The L-3200 comes with an 8 year warranty on parts and build quality. That’s one of the best in the business.


  • Setup Issues – While we don’t ever expect a garbage disposal to snap into place in seconds the unit we tested didn’t want to hook up with the mounting ring. It took quite a while and a half dozen tries to get everything properly locked into place. Once in place everything worked fine. But still. We expect a bit more from an “EZ” mounting system.
  • Small Opening – Once you install the disposal and go to use it you’re likely to be struck by how small the opening is. Is it useable? Sure. But the opening is noticeably smaller than what you’ll find on most home garbage disposals. Not quite sure why they would do something like that on just one model. But it is what it is.

Best Features and Uses of Waste King Legend Series L-3200 Garbage Disposal

It’s easy to assume that, because a disposal occupies the budget end of the spectrum, that it will be short on features. That’s not the case with the L-3200 however.

  • Sound Shell Technology – By “Sound Shell” the company is referring to the layer of insulation that envelopes the grind canister and motor. It sounds like a silly marketing cliche but it’s actually pretty effective at soaking up sound waves. The result is one of the quieter 3/4 HP disposals on the market.
  • 3/4 HP Motor – Speaking of that 3/4 HP motor… Like the motors on some of their other disposals the L-3200 motor is built on the permanent magnet model. This enables it to produce generous amounts of torque that keep is plowing forward when other motors gets caught in the gristle. Because of this there’s no need for the 2 or even 3-stage grinding setups used by some of its competitors.
  • 36 inch Integrated Power Cord – We mentioned it before and we’ll say it again, there’s no reason every garbage disposal shouldn’t come with a power cord. Some don’t however. And this can lead to all kinds of problems down the line if the power cord you install yourself isn’t done perfectly. Fortunately the L-3200 is one of them and for that they deserve a special pat on the back.
  • Dishwasher Compatibility – Lots of food typically winds up in the dishwasher regardless of how thoroughly we think we’re rinsing our plates. For that reason it’s always a plus if you can channel the food-laden dishwasher effluence directly through the garbage disposal. This helps prevent clogged drains. Not all garbage disposals allow you to do this. The L-3200 does.
  • Stainless Steel Grind Components – If you’ve ever taken apart an old disposal you have likely noticed that the grinding components are often enveloped in rust. Some of the teeth may have broken clean off due to corrosion. A grind mechanism fashioned from stainless steel components however, will resist rust and corrosion and will likely outlast the motor itself. Corrosion resistant components will also prevent the need for service calls.
  • Continuous Feed – Disposals are either continuous feed or batch feed. Most homeowners will opt for continuous feed because it gives them the ability to switch on the disposal and drop waste into it as it’s produced. With a batch feed you need to wait until you get a fair amount of garbage in the disposal before you engage it. This can lead to unpleasant smells in the kitchen.
  • 8 Year Warranty – There’s no accounting for how Waste King determines the length of the warranty on different models. Some are as short as a year. The good news here is that the L-3200 comes with an impressive 8 year warranty on build-quality and parts.


The Waste King L-3200 meets all the criteria of an outstanding value. It’s affordable, it’s durable, it’s (relatively) easy to install, it offers an array of useful features and it’s covered by a very generous 8 year limited warranty. Is it perfect? Of course not. But the number of things it does well far outnumber its relatively minor drawbacks. This makes it an easy recommend for the budget conscious homeowner.


Top 2 InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Reviews 2019

The Badger line of garbage disposals is trusted by more homeowners than any other. They’re powerful, no-nonsense disposals that are virtually maintenance free and priced right. The Badger 1 continuous feed disposal features the company’s Dura-Drive induction motor that doesn’t back down from the toughest food waste, as well as the company’s much-praised “twist on” installation. Let’s start this review by looking at its advantages and disadvantages.

InSinkErator Badger 5 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal


  • Large Grinding Chamber – The Badger 1 features a 26 oz grinding chamber that is sure to be more than enough for the average family. Since it’s a continuous feed disposal you’re not going to wait until the chamber is stuffed before you switch it on. So the odds are you will never come close to filling it up.
  • Quick Lock Sink Mount – All InSinkErator garbage disposals feature their Quick Lock Sink Mount setup. This reduces the time necessary to install the disposal itself to just a few minutes. While it’s a little more complicated than “twist off twist on” as the company advertises it’s still simple enough that any reasonably capable homeowner can handle it without having to call a plumber.
  • Dura-Drive Motor – The Dura-Drive induction motor on the Badger 1 is tough as nails. You might think that because it’s “only” 1/3 HP that it would need a 2-stage grinding system to compensate. But not the Badger 1. This motor produces enormous amounts of power for its size and isn’t the least bit intimidated by tough food waste.
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation – The Badger 1 features InSinkErator’s SoundSeal technology. This produces a disposal that hums quietly in the background, instead of rattling and clanging and taking over the kitchen. It’s a thing of beauty and the kind of feature that sets the company apart from much of the competition.
  • In-House Service – Another thing that sets InSinkErator apart from the competition is their warranty. While most companies insist you send the product to them to have it repaired InSinkErator comes to you. They maintain a nationwide network of nearly 1,500 high-trained technicians that respond to customer needs. They come to your house, effect any necessary repairs and your kitchen operation never skips a beat.


  • Forget the Bones and Grease – While the Badger 1 is a hungry little machine it’s not built to handle large chicken bones or lots of grease and fat. While there are garbage disposals on the market that have no problem shredding bones, this isn’t one of them. And too much fat and grease is just going to gunk it up and eventually cause a breakdown.
  • 1 Year Warranty – Some other InSinkErator garbage disposals cover you with up to 7 years of in-home service. For some reason we can’t quite understand you only get a year with the Badger 1. While we appreciate the year we would like to see them extend that a bit.

Uses and Features of the InSinkErator Badger 1

Like many of its InSinkErator cousins, the Badger 1 comes with a pretty impressive list of features including:

  • 1/3 HP Induction Motor – While it’s going to gag on larger bones the 1/3 HP induction motor will make short work of just about anything else you cast down the drain. It’s an aggressive little motor that likes to prove itself and does so over and over.
  • 26 oz Grind Compartment – It’s not the largest on the market but it’s large enough to handle whatever the average sized family is going to produce in terms of food waste. Even on those food-heavy holidays like Thanksgiving.
  • Lightweight Construction – At a measly 12.7 pounds the Badger 1 is one of the lightest mid-sized garbage disposals on the market. This makes installation all that much easier and also reduces stress and strain on the bottom of your kitchen sink.
  • Quick Lock Sink Mount – This mounting system has earned widespread praise and deservedly so. While it’s not as simple as taking it out of the box and twisting it on, the unit can nonetheless be installed in about 10 minutes by an average homeowner who can follow a few simple directions.
  • Jam Buster Wrench – Every Badger 1 comes with a Jam Buster wrench. Should the unit shut itself down due to a jam just follow the simple steps laid out in the instruction manual to clear the jam using the Jam Buster wrench. You’ll be back up and running in just a few minutes.
  • Dishwasher Drain Connection – This is a feature that’s missing in a lot of garbage disposals. Especially ones like this that occupy the budget end of the price spectrum. Happily the Badger 1 has the dishwasher drain connection and it only takes a couple minutes to complete the setup.
  • 36 inch Power Cord – Maybe InSinkErator has heard the legitimate complaints of their customers who have been asking for years why they don’t include a power cord with their garbage disposals. Maybe they just put somebody new in charge of the program and that person said “Hey, we should include power cords”. But whatever the reason we’re just glad to see that the Badger 1 comes with its own 36 inch power cord.

For a budget-friendly garbage disposal the Badger 1 has one of the most impressive feature lists in the business.


The Badger 1 from InSinkErator is affordable, dependable, quiet, ruthless in its abilities and super-easy to install. It’s the kind of kitchen appliance that makes the contemporary kitchen the marvel that it is. When we look at that feature list and consider how easy it is to install and maintain and then balance all that against the price we have to be impressed by what an outstanding value proposition it represents. You can pay a lot more for a garbage disposal. You can find garbage disposals with larger grinding canisters and more powerful motors. But it’s unlikely you’re going to find a garbage disposal that provides a better combination of performance and reliability at this price.

InSinkErator Badger 5, 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal Review

InSinkErator was the first disposal brand introduced to the home market way back in 1940. In the nearly 80 years since, they’ve become the largest selling brand of garbage disposals in the world. Their Badger line of disposals has always been one of their most popular and this 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal is a good example of why that is.

insinkerator garbage disposal 1/2hp


  • Ease of Installation – All contemporary InSinkErators feature the company’s “twist off twist on” installation. And while it’s never quite as easy as all that it nonetheless shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to have your new Badger 5 in place. There’s no need to call a plumber and no need to involve an electrician.
  • Galvanized Steel Construction – The Badger 5 is fashioned from rugged, rust-resistant galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is known for its corrosion resistant properties and for being reasonably light and strong. The result is a disposal that’s tough as nails and should last a good long time.
  • Powerful Motor – The Badger 5 has a 1/2 HP induction motor that features the company’s DuraDrive Technology. This provides the grinding system with the power it needs to reduce even bone and tough gristle to tiny pieces of effluence in seconds. This in spite of the fact that it’s a single stage grinding system.
  • Speaking of the Grinding System – That single stage grinding system isn’t the result of engineering laziness. It’s a patented state-of-the-art system that utilizes the company’s GrindShear ring. That ring of grinding teeth sports an innovative design that doesn’t back down from anything and doesn’t need a backup stage to finish what it started.
  • In-Home Warranty – InSinkErator is unique in that it offers warranties of various lengths that all include in-home service of your disposal. The exact length of the warranty you get will depend on the InSinkErator model you buy. In the case of the Badger 5 you get 2 years of in-home repair and service from the company’s network of nearly 1,500 highly trained specialists.


  • No Grease Please – If you want to prompt a call to one of those service agents load up your Badger 5 with a lot of grease and fat. Because, while it can reduce chicken bones to dust in seconds it doesn’t really know what to do with big wads of fat. They tend to accumulate inside the mechanism and eventually interfere with its operation.
  • Not Very Quiet – Some InSinkErator garbage disposals are incredibly quiet. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the Badger 5 disposal. While it’s not going to drown out your conversations while it’s running you might have to speak up a bit to be heard clearly. Fortunately, it works quickly.
  • No Power Cord – For some reason known only to the powers that be at InSinkErator they don’t include a power cord with most of their garbage disposals. This seems like something they could easily and cheaply remedy. Why they choose to not to is something of a mystery and the only real black mark against the brand.

Features and Uses of the InSinkErator Badger 5 1/2 HP 

The Badger 5 has an impressive feature set that makes it a smart choice for most average kitchens. Those features include:

  • A Dura-Drive 1/2 HP Induction Motor – This is one of their toughest and most dependable motors.
  • A Large Grinding Chamber – While it’s not the largest on the market the 26 ounce grinding chamber is still large enough for most multi-person households.
  • Dishwasher Compatibility – This is a little-appreciated feature that you won’t find on every garbage disposal. Refuse from the dishwasher is fed directly into the Badger for disposal.
  • Robust Construction – The Badger is fashioned from galvanized steel, stainless steel, high-impact plastic and rubber. All materials that are going to stand the test of time.
  • Anti-Jamming Features – The motor is designed to power through the gnarliest of materials. But should a jam occur the unit will shut itself down and you can clear the jam using the “jam buster” wrench that comes with the disposal.
  • Assembled in the USA – Not everything is put together in far off lands. InSinkErator is proudly assembled in the US.
  • And of Course the Hassle Free Installation – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. InSinkErators are rightfully praised for their ease of installation.

The Badger 5 is also remarkably light at just over 13 pounds. So you don’t have to be a weight lifter to install it.

How to Install the InSinkErator Badger Garbage Disposal

InSinkErator was one of the first companies to address the issue of garbage disposal installation in a meaningful way. They recognized the absurdity of having to call a plumber who will often charge several hundred dollars to install a device that typically costs less than $100. Their solution was the Quick Lock Sink Mount system.

The Badger comes with drain and disposal mounting rings, a tailpipe, tailpipe gasket, stopper and easy to follow instructions. The most difficult part of the installation is likely to be the removal of the existing disposal. (Unless of course that old disposal is another late model InSinkErator.) Once you have removed it you can go ahead with the Badger 5 installation.

  • Attach the mounting ring to the underside of the drain and tighten the fastening screws.
  • Install the tail pipe gasket onto the side of the disposal.
  • Slide the fastening flange onto the discharge tube.
  • Secure the discharge tube to the tail pipe connection on the disposal.
  • Connect the dishwasher drain hose (if applicable) to the pipe above the tail pipe.
  • Connect the power cord to the disposal.
  • Now move under the sink.
  • Line up the mounting tabs with the up ramps on the mounting ring on the drain.
  • Rotate the mounting ring on the disposal until the mounting tabs lock into position.
  • Attach the discharge pipe to the drain pipe.
  • Plug in the disposal.

Don’t forget to run some water through it to test for leaks before using it to process food waste.